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103 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Walk the Path of Expansion and Love

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In this satsang, Ma tells us that we can become liberated from the affectations of the world only when we give up the feeling of I-ness and Mine-ness and in its place, we start perceiving God everywhere, in everything, everytime.

Even if one is learned and knows about the Self, if he is unable to get over the divisive thoughts of 'Me' and 'Others', that bheda-buddhi will cause suffering. The differential notion makes one attached to one’s own family, friends and possessions and remain immersed in the thoughts about them. When the mind gets tied to people or even one’s own views and ideas, it becomes a bondage.

Ma says, it is this entanglement in family life, which produces restlessness of mind. Therefore, we must abandon all our clinging and take shelter at the feet of Supreme Lord - who is the treasure house of peace, joy and security. Outwardly, we must live as a normal person, but inwardly we should remain unattached, anchored in the Reality.

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