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169 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Dissolving Grief through Introspection

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In this very thought-provoking and profound session, Ma speaks about how one can overcome grief by means of introspection and discrimination.

Srimad Bhagavatam speaks about King Suyajna who was killed in the battlefield by his enemies. The wives of Suyajna were inconsolable when they saw their beloved husband lying in the battlefield. Moaning and lamenting, they refused to let the body be taken for the final rites. Seeing this, Yama (in the guise of a young boy) arrived at the scene and imparted invaluable spiritual wisdom to them.

One who protects everyone is the indestructible, imperishable and eternal, Supreme Lord. By his own wish and will, he creates, sustains and destroys everything. Protected by Him, one can live safely in the forest. But remaining in the house under all protection, care and facilities, one will not live, if the Lord does not wish him to live. The one who protects the foetus in the mother’s womb, that same power protects one everywhere, every time.

The young boy said: “Without the awareness of your own impending fate, you are lamenting for your departed husband. When your husband was alive and talking and interacting with you, did you ever look for that presence that enlivens the body?” Those who have realized that the Soul is eternal and the body is perishable, are never overwhelmed by grief.

We do not know our own lifespan. Our life is in the hands of providence or creator. Without wasting time, one must introspect and think of the inner Presence that is animating and activating the body. We must surrender to the inmost Lord who will protect us by giving us discrimination to reflect on the truth. When we think and reflect on this repeatedly, we will be able to face any bereavement with poise, without lamentation.

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