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165 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Understanding the Mind

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How to make it peaceful and stable? In this Satsang, Ma elaborates on this with references from various scriptures.

A mind which is free of desires is a pure mind, and a mind which is gripped by desires and expectations is an impure mind. When the mind becomes attached to objects, it causes bondage. When the mind is able to withdraw from objects, it leads to liberation.

Mind creates attachment to body and objects of the world. It leads to possessiveness and delusional clinging. Consequently, the mind becomes fearful, stressed, anxious and unstable. Such a mind is bound. If a person uses his discrimination (viveka) and takes to introspection, he understands that all external happiness is short-lived. He withdraws within and seeks ever-lasting contentment and happiness.

Mind becomes impure by the effect of Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna. Rajo Guna makes the mind desire things and take to desire-motivated actions. Tamo Guna brings one in the grip of sleep, inertia, idleness and inattention. But, when the Sattva Guna is predominant in the personality, it brings in knowledge and the mind, intelligence and senses become pure and brilliant.

Ma urges listeners to attentively watch the effects of the gunas in their own personality and the bondage they create. A seeker must try to overcome the effects of Rajas and Tamas
(which hinder his spiritual growth) and strive to do everything being aligned with Sattva.

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