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166 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Cultivation of Sattva Guna

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In this Satsang, Ma speaks about the Mind and how to train the mind to become calm and placid. Only in a calm, restful mind which is free of agitation, the Self is revealed.

Mind is the cause of both liberation and bondage. In a pure mind (one which is free of desires), the Self is revealed. Whereas, an impure mind does not give one a clear picture of the world or of oneself. A seeker must make sincere efforts to purify the mind.

When the mind is under the influence of Rajo guna, desires creep into the mind and make the mind disturbed. A seeker must strive to take away the mind from the influence of rajo guna and tamo guna and enhance the sattva. The Sadhaka must do a sincere and loving effort to understand the effects and bondage of the gunas and transform his own personality.

When the Rajo guna is on the ascendent, it brings in greed, desires and raga-dvesha and one takes to desire-motivated activites. When the tamo guna is predominant in the personality, there is an inertia in the body, mind and intelligence, lack of attention, and delusion. Whereas, the Sattva guna brings about a harmony, purity and knowledge. When the sattva guna is dominant, the senses, mind and intelligence become brilliant because of the influence of Knowledge. So, a seeker must consistently try to elevate himself and have an abundance of Sattva guna, which brings in peace and contentment.

By the increase in Sattva guna, one will take up all activities being free of desires, without selfishness. The mind will be contented, intelligence will become subtle and sharp. There will be an ability in one to perform every activity with alertness and perfection. Ma urges listeners to understand the effects of the gunas and to constantly and lovingly strive for sattva guna. This helps the seeker to progress fast in his Sadhana.

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