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167 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Aspire for Liberation

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In this Global Satsang, Ma emphasizes that if a seeker wants to progress and grow in the spiritual path, he must strive to cultivate Sattva guna and reduce the influence of Rajo and Tamo guna. By the influence of Sattva guna, the mind becomes placid. Only in a calm mind, the Self reveals itself. So, a seeker of liberation must always make efforts to purify the mind.

All seekers will have a yearning or wish to attain the Self. But, Sri Shankaracharya in his work “Sarva Vedanta Siddhanta Sara Sangrahah” classifies the various kinds of seekers of Truth. The seeker who sees all the suffering in the world and has intense aspiration to remain unaffected, placid and blissful, is a superior seeker. He will start thinking intensely about the path to his goal and strive to find answers. He will be willing to renounce everything for this knowledge. Such a seeker is wholesome and sincere.

The medium level of seeker is not wholesome and sincere. He pursues spirituality for some time but also gets dragged away by worldly affairs. Still lower is the seeker who thinks that there is a lot of time for spiritual practices later in life. He feels that he must focus on his own responsibilities and enjoyments of the world. He makes no undue efforts to progress in the spiritual path.

A seeker who seeks liberation must not only renounce the clinging to external objects and possessions, but he must spend time and effort to renounce all the antar-bandhana (the bondages
and shackles of the mind and intelligence and tendencies of the mind). He must try and renounce the ‘I’ness and ‘mine’ness, intolerance, impatience, anger, irritiation etc.

Ma says that if someone has intense yearning for liberation, it will automatically result in his making sincere efforts to know the Self.

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