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170 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Introspect on the transitory nature of life

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In this Satsang, Ma emphasizes that anybody who is wise and intelligent and wants to be free of the shackles of the mind (attain liberation), he/she must make regular, sincere efforts to cultivate Sattva guna, which will make the mind calm and poised.

A seeker must take to the regular habit of introspecting over life. Everything in life--being in the mother’s womb, birth, disease- is accompanied by duhkha, anxiety, fear and suffering. One must introspect that desires only lead to suffering. With the help of one’s intelligence, one must do Vichara and understand that nothing in the world is capable of giving us permanent happiness.

By repeatedly introspecting on the ephemerality of life, one must withdraw the mind from the pleasures of the world (have Vairagya). If one does not have Vairagya and Mumuksha (intense
yearning for liberation), then all religious and spiritual routines will be of no use.

In life, there is birth, sorrow, disease and death, which are the cause of suffering. One is gripped by the attachment to one’s own family, wealth, possessions etc. and the feeling of ‘I’ness and ‘mine’ness. In life, human beings are tossed here and there by situations and circumstances. A wise man, even if he has a very good family, unlimited wealth, and possessions, understands that all these are transitory and he does not become attached to them.

Ma, by quoting various scriptures, urges seekers to take to regular introspection on the transitoriness of life. One must make sincere efforts to turn the mind away from plurality and focus on the Oneness, seeing that one presence in everything. Turning away from the world, one must turn to the infinite Self which is the abode of joy, fulfilment and bliss.

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