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097 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Self-centred-ness Steals Your Joy

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Quoting verses from Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita, Ma speaks about how householders develop a strong clinging to family, wealth, children, name and fame. Because of the clinging, attachment and possessiveness, they get bound and undergo suffering and grief.

The minds of householders are tortured and overwhelmed by their excessive attachment to the world. They get bound and suffer because they think: “I am this body and these things and possessions are mine.” They worry about the well-being of the family and have a constant fear and anxiety about losing them. Having many egoistic thoughts and being surrounded by delusion, they perform all activities motivated by desires. They think that this is all that life is!

Ma assures the listeners that a sincere seeker can get over this attachment and clinging by proper introspection. One must be given to rumination over the transitoriness and impermanence of family, wealth etc. A seeker must make it a practice to assess himself and see whether the attachment to worldly things and pleasures is reducing or not. He must assess whether the mind is continuing to revel in the short-term pleasures of the world or whether it is starting to rejoice in the thoughts of the Self.

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