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179 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Desire – The root cause of all suffering

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In this Satsang, Ma speaks about desires and how they agitate and disturb the mind.

Introspection leads to the understanding that the root cause of all suffering is desires and expectation. The text Vairagya Shatakam compares the mind to a river called desire. As a river consists of water as its main element, the subtle mind is composed mainly of various ideas and imaginations. Just as the waves agitate the water, greed agitates the mind. The hidden attachments grip the mind, like crocodiles in the river.

Like birds hovering around the river, doubts and uncertainties hover around the river of desire. Just as the gushing current in a river uproots the trees on its bank, agitations caused in the mind by unending intense desires destroy the fortitude, courage and confidence of the mind.

Just like in the river, there are whirlpools of delusions in the mind which are inescapable. There are tall and high banks in a river. In the mind-river, these banks are anxieties which are unconquerable. When the mind is overtaken by desires, it has no peace because it makes the mind agitated, weak and fearful. So, to have peace and joy one must remove the dross of desires from the mind. One must take to the path of Shreyas and be established in the Self.

What happens when the mind becomes pure? One who has a pure mind has placidity of the mind, experience of the Self, Supreme peace, contentment, exhilaration, and wholesome abidance in the
Self. The seeker’s life then carries on, soaked in the understanding that everything is the Self. The Self is experienced in a pure and transparent mind when it is rid of all desires and expectations which are the prime cause of agitations in the mind.

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