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178 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Disciplines to calm the mind

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In this Satsang, Ma discusses how to attain calmness of the mind. Mind is, usually, agitated and disturbed thinking of interactions, the body, the past or the future. The mind will become calm only when we are able to do Vichara and understand what is the agitating the mind. When the agitations are removed and the mind becomes calm, the Self reveals itself.

A seeker of liberation (from the shackles of the mind and its tendencies) should free the mind from Rajas and Tamas and cultivate Sattva Guna. When the Sattva Guna increases, the mind becomes attentive, pure and transparent and the intelligence becomes sharp and one becomes free of delusion or indecision.

Introspection brings peacefulness and leads to the understanding that the world is ephemeral. When this understanding comes, dispassion dawns. Dispassion is understanding what will lead one to the auspicious goal. It is knowing what will make the mind calm in the face of adversities. In old age the body becomes weak, the sense organs become feeble, but internal desires and expectations still torment the mind. So, one must introspect and become dispassionate at an early age.

Ma urges that a seeker must take to introspection, discrimination, and dispassion. He should try to cultivate good qualities which will make the mind calm. Instead of having distracting thoughts, he must try and think about the Self. He should think: “I am the Soul”, while acting and interacting. Then, slowly the mind becomes calm and ready to absorb the knowledge and become stable in the knowledge.

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