Ma Gurupriya

03 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – How to be Anchored in the Divine

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Interactive Satsang with Ma Gurupriya
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In this talk, Ma emphasizes the importance of connecting with God and cultivating devotion. She describes God's excellences as a nectar that rejuvenates and purifies the mind and love for singing the glories of the Lord as the greatest wealth, surpassing all external wealth and fame.

A seeker must make it a practice of seeing God in everything. By making it a habit to think of God alone, one becomes humble and develops a deep connection with the creator. Chanting and contemplation should be done with genuine feeling and love, avoiding a mechanical approach. A seeker must make it a regular practice to introspect on the fact that everything in the world is enveloped by fear and understand that true fearlessness comes from cultivating dispassion.

How can one have a constant connectedness to God and experience God's presence everywhere? A sadhaka can cultivate the thinking that everything in the world is imbued with God's presence. This mindset should extend to every aspect of life, viewing the world as a manifestation of the divine. By recognizing the oneness of everything and cultivating this perception, the seeker can dissolve the distinction between spiritual and non-spiritual aspects of life.

Singing God’s glories, listening, remembering, and thinking about God are ways by which a seeker can develop closer connection with God. The Ultimate goal of a spiritual aspirant must be to attain supreme devotion for the Lord, which is one-pointed, unconditional and where all his activities become an offering to the Lord.

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