Ma Gurupriya

06 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – How to be Anchored in the Divine

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Interactive Satsang with Ma Gurupriya
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In this concluding day’s talk, Ma emphasizes the importance of hearing and singing the glories of the Lord, which have the power to revive and purify the mind. The Lord pervades everything and singing His glories is a way to be connected to the Divine. Thinking of the Lord, bestows fearlessness and removes suffering from the mind.

In Bhagavatam, it is said that people focus on worldly matters and overlook the transitoriness of life. To attain fearlessness, one must listen to God's glories, sing His praises, and recognize the divine presence in all beings. The text suggests being united with God by considering the whole world as belonging to Him.

Love for God can be cultivated through the practice of thinking about Him in and through every activity. One must cultivate the thought process that God alone has created the world and He alone sustains the world. When one works without desire, ego, likes & dislikes or possessiveness and clinging, it becomes an offering to the Lord. A seeker must understand the importance of offering all activities, feelings, emotions, interactions and their impacts to the Universal Lord.

Quoting a shloka, Ma encourages engaging the speech in discussing God's glories, the hands in performing His work, the mind at His feet, the head in humble reverence, and the eyes in seeing His embodiment in all beings. She also reminds all listeners to recognize their own true nature as expansive and unaffected and to overcome all negative thoughts by embracing their inherent stability and infinitude.

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