Ma Gurupriya

01 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – How to be Anchored in the Divine

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Interactive Satsang with Ma Gurupriya
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In this talk, Ma discusses the importance of actualizing spiritual knowledge and the three rare aspects of life: being born as a human being, having a yearning for liberation (Mumuksha), and associating with a self-realized Mahatma. Elaborating on the qualities of a Sadguru, she says that he has a deep understanding of scriptures, is selfless and calm, has a withdrawn mind, is an ocean of mercy and compassion, offering unconditional support to those who seek the Truth.

Ma shares her own personal journey of seeking and wanting to feel God's presence within and maintaining a habit of constant connection and conversation with God. She emphasizes the need for a seeker to cultivate qualities that bring lightness and peace, and highlights the
practice of learning and understanding shlokas (verses) as a form of sadhana.

A seeker must make it a practice to remain constantly connected to God/Self. Interactions and activities may sometimes cause one to lose that connection. But one must persevere. The ultimate goal of human life is having one-pointed devotion to God and perceiving God's presence everywhere. By performing all the mundane household activities, with their mind and intelligence filled with love for Krishna, the Gopikas personified one-pointed devotion.

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