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05 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – How to be Anchored in the Divine

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Interactive Satsang with Ma Gurupriya
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In this sublime talk, Ma says that Srimad Bhagavatam defines Bhakti as unconditional and unmotivated love for God, which is stable. She emphasizes the importance of accepting everything as given by God and cultivating unconditional love by gradually relinquishing expectations.

Living in the company of Mahatmas who have unconditional love for all, is essential for cultivating unconditional love. They are kind and compassionate and always are ready to help all beings and remove their troubles. The company of holy men, helps in developing universal love and eliminating desires and possessiveness. It helps the seeker to think about others and understand their sorrows, thereby transcending selfishness. The company of saints expands the mind. A seeker must live in their association and cultivate the noble qualities which adorn the saint.

Chanting shlokas and reading stories about the Lord are ways by which one can connect with God and experience immense joy. Ma encourages talking to God with love and devotion, feeling a close and dear connection to Him.

Liberation, is attained through Vedantic contemplation on the nature of Brahman, rather than external rituals or practices. Chanting beautiful verses on the attributes of Brahman, Ma encourages listeners to repeatedly contemplate on them. A seeker must contemplate on Brahman which is imperishable, eternal, changeless, blissful, ever-pure and formless.

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