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07 – by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha – Bhaja Govindam

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Discourse followed by Q/A with Poojya Swamiji
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Discussing Bhaja Govindam, Swamiji emphasizes the transient nature of the world and the importance of detachment and dispassion in order to find inner peace. The text encourages individuals to reflect upon the impermanence of material possessions, relationships, and even the physical body.

Wealth and possessions can cause suffering. There is always a fear of losing them. But one who has no money and possessions to safeguard, lives comfortably and peacefully. A yogi may live in the streets and may have no material possessions, but he has abundant inner wealth. He is free from the dual notions of virtue & vice and finds joy and liberation through inner union with the Self.

The text extols the worship of the Universal Lord and the surrender of all worries and responsibilities to the higher power. It suggests that by focusing on devotion and service to the divine, one can overcome fear and concerns about livelihood and wealth. One can find delight and contentment in any situation. The state of the mind and its connection to the Divine are pivotal in achieving lasting happiness.

The text also elaborates on the benefits of studying scriptures, worshiping Lord Hari, and taking dips in the holy rivers. Human life is always under the cycle of birth and death. Bhaja Govindam says that a devotee must seek protection of Sri Hari from the eternal cycle of birth and death.

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