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04 – by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha – Bhaja Govindam

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Discourse followed by Q/A with Poojya Swamiji
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The text, Bhaja Govindam, reflects upon the transient nature of human life and the importance of worshipping Lord Govinda. It emphasizes that time passes quickly, and despite being surrounded by the cycle of birth, old age, accident, and death, people remain oblivious and deluded, losing themselves in worldly pursuits.

Chanting and teaching the verses, Swamiji explains them in great detail. The text suggests seeking the company of enlightened individuals (satpurushas) and to overcome delusion and attachments by means of Satsanga. By being close to them, their noble qualities are known to percolate into one's own being. When the mind becomes free of delusion and clinging, it becomes calm and peaceful, leading to jeevanmukti (liberation while alive).

The text urges introspection on the ephemeral nature of wealth, relationships, and youthfulness, emphasizing humility and detachment. It encourages abandoning the attachment to the illusory world and realizing the Supreme Brahman, our own true identity. Human life is meant for the purpose of understanding one’s own identity. The text emphasizes the impermanence of worldly pursuits and the need to realize the supreme truth, for liberation.

Replying to a question on mind and intelligence, Swamiji says that there is only one presence which animates and activates the body. That is the Consciousness. The mind and intelligence are functional notes of the consciousness. When consciousness does mentation, it is called the mind. When it does intellection, it is called intelligence. When it does assertion, it is called ego.

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