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182 – Bhagavad Gita – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha – Samatva – The essence of Spirituality

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In this satsang, Poojya Swamiji enlightens us that the entire worldliness is won over by him, whose mind is established in equal vision, Samatva.

Our life is interactional. Throughout the waking state, our mind generates a number of thoughts, emotions, memories, attitudes etc. and the end result of all these subjectively is only two - sukha or dukha. These two mental responses are inevitable during our interaction with the world. But they are fleeting, they come and go. So, all that we have to do is to be equal to both. Instead of preferring one over the other, we must develop an even attitude. Swamiji says, Samatva is an attitude which we must cherish, pursue, intensify until we reach a state of Samya itself. A natural state of equipoise.

The secret to attain Brahman is to incorporate Samya. Samya must become the very character of our mind. We must neither unduly rejoice when we get something pleasant nor feel afflicted by unpleasant. Course through both with a note of relaxation, always feeling that our sense of harmony is becoming stabler and deeper. It is a continuous attitude of sublimating everything. Brahman, is taintless and equal, therefore by attaining equality we become established in Brahman.

Through the consistent practice of Samya and the cultivation of a serene and equanimous mind, we will attain a deep understanding of the supreme truth and perceive the divine essence in all aspects of life. This perception transforms the entire world into a manifestation of holiness and leads us to a state of profound bliss and fulfilment.

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