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166 – Malaysia Jnana Yajna Benedictory Address by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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Benedictory address by poojya Swamiji after the Padapooja ceremony of Malaysia Jnana Yajna on 07 September 2023 at SIRD, Malaysia.

In this benedictory talk, Swamiji speaks about what true devotion is!

All forms of worship—physical, oral, mental—are all meant for the growth and expansion of the worshipper. Worship is a Subjective, personal effort, meant only to benefit the practitioner. Devotion must bring about a qualitative transformation in the devotee.

Srimad Bhagavatam speaks about the conversation between King Nimi and the nine Yogis, where King Nimi sought to be instructed on the Bhagavata Dharmas. He wanted to know how a devotee of
God should live, how he must speak, think and interact in the world? The nine Yogis proceeded to give him the message of devotion. They speak about the devotee who feels that he belongs to God and he is the child of God.

Devotion is simple, sweet and nourishing, says Swamiji. He urges us to cultivate the same devotion as Uddhava, who confessed that he could not live without Lord Krishna even for a moment. This is the pinnacle of devotion. Everything in creation is God alone. God is present in our forgetfulness, as well as in our memory. God surrounds and penetrates us. There is no distance to God at all. Our body depends upon God. There is nothing that belongs to us.

Swamiji urges the listeners to nourish the mind and intelligence, feeding the mind with noble, good thoughts, feelings and attitudes. He exhorts seekers to sit in a place and watch the movements of the mind.

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