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164 – Satsang With Ma I Ma Gurupriya

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An enlightening Satsang with Ma during Malaysia Jnana Yajna.
11 September 2023 at SIRD, Malaysia

What is Satsang and why is it necessary? In her own lucid and simple style, Ma discusses this question and also clearly explains how a seeker can derive great benefit from Satsang.

Satsang is the association with the Sat (the changeless, immortal and imperishable Self). Satsang is had when one listens to a spiritual talk, or when one reads holy books or when one interacts with a knower of Truth. One develops an interest in Satsang only by great good fortune. By Satsang, the mind starts enquiring about the Self and about life, by which ignorance and delusion are removed and Viveka (discrimination) arises. A seeker must be receptive to the knowledge received. Constantly reflecting on it, he must make it his own. Having assimilated the knowledge, he must apply it in life; he must live the knowledge.

The mind is habituated to thinking of some practices and times as spiritual and rest of the time as non-spiritual. The Sadhana of a seeker is to dissolve this differentiation between spiritual and non-spiritual. His practice must be to make every thought, action and interaction Spiritual. Reflecting and understanding the fact that God is all-pervading, one must divinize everything.

Satsang must make us grow in our personality, so that we reach the state of unaffectedness. Ma urges listeners to assess themselves as to whether the mind is making the distinction between
spiritual and non-spiritual times, whether one is gripped by attachment and by the expectation of some external happiness and most importantly, whether one is applying the knowledge to every
moment of one’s own life.

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