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163 – Accepting and Transcending Conflicts by Ma Gurupriya

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Ma explaining to the youth how to face day to day conflicts in life, how to accept them and finally how to overcome them. This was a session during a single day Vedanta Workshop for youths organized by SIRD Malaysia on 17 September 2023, during Malaysia Jnana Yajna 2023.

In this deep, enlightening session, Ma speaks about how one can transcend all conflicts one faces in life.

Conflicts arise when adverse and unexpected situations arise in life and the mind refuses to accept the situation. This non-acceptance leads to indecisiveness, anxiety, fear, confusion etc. If one wants to find a solution for all conflicts and transcend them, one must do deep introspection. The mind must be made flexible and ready to accept any situation. To transcend all conflicts, a seeker should practice Samatva (equal vision) to Sukha and duhkha.

We feel that we are the limited body-mind personality which undergoes constant changes. But Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says: “You are the body-different Soul, which is changeless, imperishable and unaffected.” So, when one is faced with conflicts, one must hold on to the Soul, one’s own real identity, which is unaffected. One must adhere to the practice of doing introspection on the Soul and being established in it. This will lead one to unaffectedness.

There may be many conflicts, confusions and calamities, but internally one must be established in Self and hold on to it. Ma teaches the listeners a shloka (which describes our own Self, our true nature) from Vivekachudamani, which says, “I am untainted like the sky; I am self-effulgent like the Sun; I am unshakeable like the mountain; I am vast and unbounded like the ocean.”

Ma concludes by saying that to live a life free of conflict and affectation, one must take to the study of scriptures, one must listen to spiritual discourses, seek the association of Mahatmas and like-minded people. But ultimately, the mind can be taken beyond all conflicts only by constant introspection and Abhyasa (practice).

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