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131 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Disciplines for attaining Liberation | Nimi-Navayogi Samvada 08

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In this Satsang, Ma continues to discuss the qualities and disciplines that have been prescribed by Yogi Prabuddha (in Nimi-Navayogi Samvada), in Srimad Bhagavatam. It is for a seeker to make a sincere effort to imbibe the qualities and lead a life free of anxiety, fear and grief. When sincerely pursued, good qualities and virtues will lead a seeker to his goal of liberation.

A seeker should make it a practice to see the presence of God in everything, everywhere, in everyone, as also in oneself. One must introspect regularly and understand that God/Self alone is and He sustains the whole universe. The Sadhaka must get rid of the feeling: “I am the doer and enjoyer,” and remain connected to the source of the universe.

The Yogi says that one must not develop a clinging, attachment or possessiveness about the house, family, comforts or luxuries. One must be able to accept any change in circumstances, in the family or in the profession, with equanimity (Samatva).

Ma extols the viewers to cultivate the great quality of contentment. A seeker should see to it that he is contented and satisfied with whatever he gets. In any situation-favourable or unfavourable - he must remain contented and happy. Forsaking all external ephemeral pleasures, when a Sadaka’s mind seeks the perennial inner joy, he will be adorned with the quality of contentment.

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