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125 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Disciplines for attaining Liberation

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In this satsang, Ma explains to us what is the ultimate good in human life and what are the disciplines one should practice to become liberated.

Ma tells us that human life indeed has a higher purpose, to attain the Supreme state where one remains unaffected, poised and ever blissful. A Guru alone can show us that abstruse yet auspicious path that lies ahead of us. To have a close association with such a Guru is the greatest blessing in one's life. He bestows us with the Knowledge of the Self.

Guru is a manifestation of God in human form. A sadhguru's intention is to bequeath to the earnest disciple true knowledge, experience and liberation and elevate him to his own lofty position. A sishya should have full faith in Guru's words, thinking that Guru knows what is best for him and all his guidance is towards that end. Unless one has faith and regard for Guru Vakya, one cannot become receptive nor get established in the Knowledge.

Ma says, our mind should be given to good thoughts, we should have sensitivity to others around and also have a yearning to become better. We should foster kindness, friendliness and humility. The mind which always craves for attachment to sense objects, should be taught to develop attachment to Mahatmas and devotees as it is the one sure remedy for the disease called worldliness!

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