Ma Gurupriya

124 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Guru – The bestower of fearlessness

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In this satsang, Ma tells us that in the whole world, Guru is our supreme refuge and he alone can bestow us fearlessness and immortality.

The world around us is very imposing, with its plurality, changefulness and unpredictability. There is always a lingering fear of danger that lie ahead of us or the fear of losing someone dear to us. The truth is we suffer in the hands of our own mind and intelligence. There is also the unpleasant certainty of disease, old age and death. So, how to overcome this terrible fate of fear, suffering and death in our life? No object in this world, nor our parents, relatives, well-wishers or teachers can provide us relief.

Ma says, only a Guru can show us the path to cross over this terrible ocean of worldliness. The Guru is most pleased when a seeker comes to him with true enquiry and wants to know the means to attain supreme felicity in life. Out of compassion, he lights the lamp of wisdom in the seeker's heart and dispels all his delusions. He makes him established in the knowledge of the Self.

Guru, is the manifestation of God in human form. Ma cautions us, that we should not look at Guru as a mere human; instead look at him as the Supreme. Only then the knowledge we acquire will shine in its full lustre and become fruitful!

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