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Chanting and explaining the shanti Mantra of Taittiriya Upanishad ॐ शं नो मित्रः शं वरुणः… (sham no mitrah sham varunah..), Swamiji says that Shanti Mantras are prayers where a seeker prays for
the transformation of his own inner personality. Although the prayers appear to be addressed to external deities (Devas), the prayer is to make the mind completely indrawn, harmonious and one-pointed, so that the Upanishadic study becomes fruitful.

The seeker prays to Mitra (the deity of day) and Varuna (deva of night), Aryama and Indra, to bestow peace, contentment, fulfilment and auspiciousness. He asks Brihaspati (the deva of knowledge, wisdom) for protection and prays to Vishnu (the all-pervading presence) for auspiciousness, mangala.

This shanti Mantra is a humble prayer where the seeker understands that he has no control over anything. All the activities, organs, speech…everything is governed by Brahman, the sentience.
Praying with full emotional association helps the ego to completely dissolve and takes a seeker from the limited, fragmented identity to the universal identity.

Chanting the mantra, the seeker humbly seeks protection from Brahman. He asks for protection so that the mind becomes purer, and the intelligence subtler, so that he may grasp the Truth very well. He not only seeks protection for himself, but also for his teacher. Only when the student and teacher are both protected and nourished, the communication of Brahma Vidya becomes powerful. The realized teacher, who is in tune with the Truth, is able to impart the Truth effectively and the saatvika student is able to receive it.

In the end, the seeker prays for peace and freedom from the three types of suffering, so that the mind and intelligence are able to grasp the spiritual instruction and become fit to absorb the Truth.

Swamiji will be discussing 'Voice of Upanishads'. The Global Satsang will be based on Taitiriya Upanishad. | Live Satsangs with Spiritual Masters on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 8 pm IST/10:30 am EDT/ 10:30 pm MST.

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