Ma Gurupriya

140 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Disciplines for attaining Liberation | Nimi-Navayogi Samvada 14

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In this talk, Ma emphasizes the importance of Sadhana (spiritual practice) and the integration of spiritual knowledge in daily life. The goal is to know the Self and experience unaffectedness, peace, joy, and happiness. The seeker must introspect and assess his own progress and see whether there is a reduction of undesirable traits, and an increase in noble qualities in himself.

In his instructions to King Nimi, Yogi Prabuddha says that a seeker must make all actions an offering to the Divine. He must see everything as God's creation, offering every activity (physical, domestic, professional or in the society) to the Supreme. By doing so, his attachment, delusional clinging, feeling of doership and enjoyership diminish, leading to a sense of surrender and unity with the Divine. This practice of offering includes thoughts, speech, and actions throughout the day.

Chanting and teaching a verse, Ma encourages all seekers to be like the devotee who recognizes the Divine in all aspects of life, treating everything as an act of worship. By continually remembering the Divine and cultivating an attitude of service to the Lord, the seeker can remain unaffected in the face of challenges.

A seeker must remind himself constantly that God is the source of the whole creation, which includes his own body-mind personality. By devoutly offering all actions and pursuits to that Source, by which everything is pervaded, one attains peace, tranquility and calmness.

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