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138 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Disciplines for attaining Liberation | Nimi-Navayogi Samvada 13

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In this Satsang, Ma continues to discuss the conversation between King Nimi and the Navayogis on how to cultivate qualities and go forward in the path to liberation. She discusses how one can remain anchored in the Divine, be self-seated.

For a seeker, Shravana (listening) and Manana (introspection) are very important in his spiritual practice. One should develop love for hearing about God and faith in the Scriptures and introspect on the teachings to assimilate the knowledge.

A Sadhaka must strive to cultivate disciplines which are conducive to spiritual growth: devotion, detachment, association with Mahatmas, compassion, humility, purity, austerity, endurance, and control of the mind and senses, straightforwardness, non-hurtingness etc.

God is omnipresent and pervades everything in the world. One should strive to be constantly connected to the Divine. Dedicating all activities to God, realizing that everything is done by the Divine one must strive to be established in that knowledge.

Ma emphasizes the importance of constantly remembering that I am God's and God is mine and living with the attitude of being an instrument in the hands of God. All actions, speech, and thoughts are to be offered to the Universal Lord. Ma stresses the significance of assimilating spiritual teachings and applying them in daily life to cultivate a deep and meaningful connection with the Divine.

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