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134 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Disciplines for attaining Liberation | Nimi-Navayogi Samvada 11

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Discussing the various disciplines given by Yogi Prabuddha in Srimad Bhagavatam, Ma says that a seeker must be diligent in restraining his own mind, speech and actions. By this, the mind will become calm and restful. Spiritual progress can be made only when the mind is peaceful, free of disturbances.

A seeker must do all activities without any delusional clinging (Sanga) for any particular result, without desires and without any likes &; dislikes. He must see every activity and interaction as an opportunity to grow from constriction to expansion. Every activity must be performed with the sole intention of gaining Atma Shuddhi (purification), by the removal of desires, expectations, anger, hatred etc.

Quoting from several scriptures, Ma speaks about how a seeker must do Shravanam (listening). One must listen to scriptural words and the words of the wise, with Shraddha (dedication and faith). The very act of listening must purify and cool the whole being of the listener. By the process of listening, all the undesirable traits and qualities must be dissolved and the mind should be rid of all the unhappiness and suffering. Shravana can become perfect when one has humility, one-pointed concentration and well-restrained mind and senses. Listening should lead to Manana (contemplation) and it should be with the aim of becoming what one hears.

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