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126 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Qualities that elevate seeker to the Divine

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In this Global Satsang, Ma continues with the discussion of Nimi-Navayogi Samvada (conversation between King Nimi and the nine yogis) portrayed in Srimad Bhagavatam. In the conversation, King Nimi wants to know what the Ultimate good of mankind is and how one can become a true devotee so that one attains liberation.

Ma discusses and explains the enlightening replies of Yogi Prabuddha. Attachment and desires make the mind restless and agitated. A restless mind is not able to perceive the Self. So, a seeker has to follow certain disciplines which will lead the mind to restfulness. A) A seeker must give up attachments to world objects by proper introspection. B) Instead, he must direct the mind towards Mahatmas who will constantly tell us about our real identity which is unaffected and untainted. C) A seeker must cultivate qualities of compassion, humility, friendliness, love, sacrifice, contentment etc. which are the qualities of the Atma.

Discussing the importance of cultivating qualities, Ma explains, in detail, the quality of Shaucham (purity). A seeker has to assiduously cultivate both external and internal purity. A seeker must constantly assess whether his thoughts, speech, behaviour, attitudes are all pure. True purity of the mind is not having any desires or expectations but having love for God. Knowing that “I am the Self” is the only thing that will bring about absolute calmness and purity of the mind.

Speaking about other qualities like austerity, forbearance, silence, straightforwardness, non-hurtingness etc, Ma says that cultivation of qualities alone is not enough for a Sadhaka. He must learn to perceive the Atma/Self everywhere. It must become a habit, a practice. Even in the midst of activities, one must stop for a moment and think, “Everything is Self/God alone. The Lord is in everything.”

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