Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

103 – Bhagavad Gita – Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha – Prakriti – The Supreme Driving Force

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In this satsang, Poojya Swamiji enlightens us about Prakriti, the powerful driving force behind the creation and its ceaseless activity.

Swamiji explains that every being in this creation acts under the influence of Nature's three gunas - sattva, rajas and tamas and none can escape from it. There is nothing here, not within the hold of Prakriti. Even a knower lives and moves, governed by his own nature and tendencies. While this is so, one can certainly improve their tendencies by cultivating sattva guna and using it to sublimate the other two gunas. Just like Valmiki, sublimated his innate thieving tendency and used it to rob the bad tendencies from minds of people, through his writings.

While everyone acts following their innate tendencies, the one caveat is to not come under the sway of attraction and repulsion, while interacting with the world. Swamiji says, they are the greatest enemies in our path. These attractions and repulsions must be sublimated everytime they crop up. Our mind certainly has the potential to do it. It has to be done through inner discrimination; external control has no consequence at all!

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