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09 – Kenopanishad – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

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In this global Satsang, Swamiji repeatedly reminds us that Brahman (Consciousness) cannot become an object of knowledge. It is not in the objective sphere at all. It is the Subject ‘I’ and it cannot be conceptualized as something different from what ‘I am’. The realization must dawn that the small ‘I’ (Atma) is not different from the Universal ‘I’ (Brahman).

How is the Atma to be known? When the Atma is known in every perception, then it becomes known. When the Atma is detected in every perception, then one understands that one is immortal. When we know that the Atma is beyond causality, life and death, all changefulness and it is independent of everything, then we come to know that we are beyond changefulness, we are unaffected and we are immortal.

We normally think that courage or strength is had by having external things like money, manpower, health etc. But the Upanishad stresses that the real courage lies in Atma. When we understand that we are not affected by the presence or absence of money, property, fame etc, then real courage
graces us. Real courage is had when we understand our own unaffectedness.

When we understand that the Atma is the substratum of the entire universe, we understand that we are immortal. To have an understanding of our own immortality, an experience of Atma in meditation is not enough. By repeated analysis, introspection, one must be able to see the Atma everywhere. One should be able to disentangle the Atma from every perception-whether it is from thoughts, emotions, concepts or gross objects. When Atma is known in every awareness, then one attains immortality. When we understand that the self is unaffected by anything, it is beyond causality, time and space, we will know that we are immortal.

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