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09 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Bathing in Upanishadic Wisdom part 9

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This talk is the ninth in a series of talks given by Nutan Swamiji during the Enlightened Living Retreat at Jamshedpur on 29 Nov 2019.

Swamiji discusses the profound, Sadhana-oriented verses of Kathopanishad in this Global Satsang. The Upanishad states emphatically that there is a possibility of attaining fulfilment in life. Towards that aim, one must go to a Realized person and be under his tutelage, till all the doubts of the mind are removed.

The spiritual path is like a sharpened razor’s edge which is very difficult to walk on. It is a path which we are not familiar with because we are always interacting with the changeful world. But the Supreme consciousness is unchanging, imperishable, has no beginning or end. To know about this, it is imperative that one goes to the Guru, who is a Realized teacher and who is living the knowledge.

Humans have been created with outward-looking senses. But wise people, seeking immortality, and permanence, look within. They seek the Consciousness which is the support, substratum of everything. The three states of wakefulness, dream and sleep are supported by the Consciousness. In the cosmic level too, all the god and goddesses are surrendered to it.

This unchanging, imperishable Soul is to be attained by the mind and intelligence which are purified. Such a one will know that it is the One alone which is displaying the many. Swamiji concludes that when the mind keeps interacting with the thoughts of Atma, it becomes subtle. When a person comes to know his real identity, his being expands to the universal dimension, he goes from a personal to an impersonal level. He becomes a center of divine activity.

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