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07 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Bathing in Upanishadic Wisdom part 7

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This talk is the seventh in a series of talks given by Nutan Swamiji during the Enlightened Living Retreat at Jamshedpur on 27 Nov 2019.

In this series of talks, Swamiji makes an in-depth analysis of the verses of Kathopanishad which are the instructions of Yamaraja to Nachiketa (the seeker). In reply to Nachiketa’s query about death, Yamaraja says that the Atma is immortal. It is neither born, nor does it die. It is not caused by anything and is not the cause of anything. It is unborn, it is beyond time and it is unchanging. When the body falls, nothing happens to the Atma. This Atma is seated in the heart of all beings.

Everything in creation is hosted by the consciousness. It is the revealer of everything. The Atma is within the body but it is not limited by the properties of the body. It does not have a body. Being formless, it gives rise to the infinite forms of the world. The Atma cannot be known as something different from oneself. It has to be only known as the ‘I’, the ‘amness’ in us.

The greatness or mahima of the Atma dawns in one who is free of desires, when all the elements of his personality have been refined and purified. Such a man is free of grief. He becomes placid because of the elimination of Raga-Dvesha (desire and hatred).

The Upanishad declares that the Atma cannot be realized by a deep study of scriptures; It is not accessible to a man of brilliant intellect. It is not attained by listening to countless talks. It can be attained only by one who chooses it in preference to everything else in the world. When one gives supreme value to the Ultimate knowledge alone in his life, the Atma reveals itself.

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