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08 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Bathing in Upanishadic Wisdom part 8

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This talk is the eighth in a series of talks given by Nutan Swamiji during the Enlightened Living Retreat at Jamshedpur on 28 Nov 2019.

Quoting verses from Kathopanishad, Swamiji incisively analyses the human personality and gives clear guidance to seekers about their Sadhana.

How to understand one’s own personality? The Upanishad compares the human personality to a chariot with five horses. The Soul is the master of the chariot, the intelligence is the charioteer, the mind is compared to the reins and the five senses are the horses. The senses must be trained to obey the direction of the mind; the mind must take guidance from the intelligence and the intelligence must function being anchored in the Self.

A person whose intelligence is not anchored in the inmost Self and is lacking in discrimination, is unable to regulate his mind and senses. His mind is gripped by impurities like anger, desire, greed, intolerance etc. Such a person remains mired in worldliness. On the other hand, when the intelligence is connected to the Self, the mind is properly disciplined and regulated and the sense organs are also disciplined, one is able to attain the Self and cross the worldliness.

How can a seeker have an integrated personality? The intelligence, mind and senses must be disciplined. The senses can be disciplined by taking to the habit of spiritual practices, bringing about moderation in food, enjoyment etc. The mind can be disciplined by taking to disciplines such as reading, chanting etc. Intelligence can also be disciplined by shastric study and its analysis, and introspection.

The Upanishad emphatically states that the Self is the inmost presence in all beings. This hidden Self can be perceived only by purifying and sharpening the buddhi. A purified buddhi becomes capable to grasping the subtle Truth.

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