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06 – Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 3 – By Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Yoga of Enlightened Action

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Swamiji continues to discuss the universal dimension of the concept of “Yajna” in contrast to the ritualistic practices based on fulfillment of desires.

Selfishness and desires are the basis of all suffering, says Swamiji. Realizing the presence of the Lord in everything, one must work with an attitude of complete surrender, eliminating likes and dislikes.

Discussing the attitude of surrender, Swamiji says that it is best tested in the presence of the Guru. To unquestioningly abide by his will and wish requires a lot of self-effort and ego-effacement. Surrender brings integration in our inner being, sharpens discrimination and makes the mind universal.

The harmony between nature and human beings helps to revolve the wheel of the creation smoothly and brings auspiciousness in the process. Sri Krishna exhorts all to conduct every activity as Yajna alone, as otherwise it is bound to cause bondage to the mind and intelligence.

Swamiji explains that Brahman is the source of the entire creation. Yajna connects one to this Universal Source. Thus, every work done with a yajna attitude is an expression and expansion of that divine infinite being and establishes unity in diversity.

Slokas Discussed: 9 to 15

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