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05 – Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 15 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Realizing Our Supreme Identity

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As talk 5 in the series unfolds, Nutan Swamiji patiently explains the significance of verses 10 and 11 in great depth, clearing doubts and common fallacies linked to astrology and the concept of rebirth (Punar Janma). Swamiji also discusses the Karma Theory, thereby dispelling many false notions ingrained in our minds.

The Atma is present in every perception and untouched, unaffected by anything that we do, says Swamiji. Stressing on the practice of self-purification, Swamiji says that the goal of human life should be to keep purifying oneself and to recognise the Supreme Self within.

Swamiji reiterates that one will be able to progress in the spiritual path only through the constant application of the Sadhana chatushtaya (Four-fold sadhana), dropping our yearning for sensory enjoyments, sharpening our Viveka (discrimination) and constant introspection. For one who practices this Jnana Tapas (knowledge austerity), the Atma reveals itself effortlessly!

Nutan Swamiji makes it clear that this path is not for the ones who are still stuck in chasing money, power and fame.
Shlokas discussed: (10 and 11)

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