Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

03 – Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 15 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Realizing Our Supreme Identity

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Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha ji goes into the profound depth of verse 5 of Chapter 15, painstakingly explaining every word. Reinforcing the earlier verses which stressed on the powerful tool of Viveka and Vairagya, Swamiji discusses the desirable qualities to be cultivated by one who is treading the spiritual path.

Nutan Swamiji asks us to end worldliness and take refuge in the Aadi Purusha. Swamiji begins discussing the first two qualities of Maana and Moha - the self-centred identity and the delusion that happiness lies outside. Giving practical examples, Swamiji makes it very easy for us to understand and apply in our own lives.

Introspecting and constantly being connected to the Soul and being free from desires and clinging, one must allow the natural qualities to blossom, says Swamiji. We need to win over our slavery to this world and discover the joy within. Once we recognise that all dualities like happiness and unhappiness are only a play within our mind, we become free from these dualities and move towards the unchanging self.

Swamiji assures us that all the qualities are interconnected. As one quality develops, the others grow too.
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