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03 – Bhagavad Gita – By Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha – Eternal Relevance of Bhagavad Gita

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In this talk, Swamiji continues to discuss and expose the eternal messages of Bhagavad Gita which lead a seeker to stability and fulfilment.

Swamiji exposes the Bhagavad Gita formula to deal with all the challenges of life. Life is an interaction between the senses and the objects of the world. The interactional impacts are felt by the mind as sukha and duhkha (Happiness and misery). These mental experiences of Sukha and Duhkha are unavoidable and they come alternatively and are complementary to each other. The only way to deal with them is to forebear them and be at home with them. Swamiji exhorts all seekers to develop an attitude of indifference and evenness towards them. The Sadhana is to glide through Sukha and Duhkha with ease. If one is able to have the attitude of evenness towards them, the world is won over.

Swamiji also discusses the human personality as exposed by Krishna. The whole creation is governed by three Gunas of nature and we, the human beings, are a part of it. Everything is moving under the influence of these Gunas. Swamiji urges the listeners to understand the play of the Gunas and not to foster a sense of doership. He asks everyone to be humble and be connected to that Supreme divine Self.

Swamiji emphasizes that humans are the best specimens of creation. The human mind and intelligence have immense unlimited potential and that one should constantly strive to elevate and purify the mind and intelligence.

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