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02 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – How to Introspect

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Introspection based on Sadhana Chatushtaya - Interactive Session with Nutan Swamiji
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In this satsang, Nutan Swamiji explains that the whole Spiritual life is a process of expansion, from a fragmented egoistic identity to the unlimited Transcendental identity. A seeker has to constantly self-evaluate whether he is walking in the path of expansion. A constricted attitude brings the feeling of heaviness, fear, and dejection whereas with expansion, we accrue inner strength, lightness, and joy. This principle should amply guide us along the right path.

Swamiji enlightens us that desire is not necessary to do any work. Desire is a constriction. When desire is eliminated, we become free, natural and sane. Joy is a property of the Self, but we are not able to feel it because our mind is cluttered with various desires. So desirelessness is the real sadhana. Untainted by desires, we begin to work out of Joy, perfectly intune with the Ultimate and we blossom fully like a flower, with our own natural characteristics.

Similarly, our effortfulness to discover Atma as something different from us, prevents us from reaching the final goal. Although we start our spiritual journey with the process of discrimination to renounce everything else and reach a point where we want the Supreme alone, we have to surrender all further efforts. When one embraces Atma in preference to everything else, Atma reveals itself to him!

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