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01 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – How to Introspect

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Introspection based on Sadhana Chatushtaya - Interactive Session with Nutan Swamiji
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In this satsang, Nutan Swamiji enlightens us that Spirituality is the process of enquiring into and realising our Real identity and then expressing that knowledge through our body-mind personality. All prayers and sadhana are intended to connect us to this inmost level - the Atma.

At the core level, we are all the same Universal Atma. So, what is the need of sadhana? Although this is the fundamental truth, we are unaware of it. We get deluded and identify with the activities of our body and mind. Swamiji explains, that innately two opposing forces work in us all the time - one that pulls us towards the lower nature i.e sensory indulgences and the other which compels us to seek our Imperishable nature. Sadhana is essential to rescue us from the trap of worldliness.

The senses are attracted and repelled by the world situations, and they in turn agitate our mind and intelligence in the pursuit of fulfilling the desires. So, our buddhi must know the Transcendental Atma, and remain anchored in it. Then, it can guide the mind and senses and win over all desires and slavery to objects. This is the most facile and painless way! Once the Supreme Truth is known, the whole universe including our own body mind personality will become 'One Universal Consciousness'. This is the ultimate solution for all problems in human life!

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