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06 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – How to Introspect

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Introspection based on Sadhana Chatushtaya - Interactive Session with Nutan Swamiji
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In this satsang, Nutan Swamiji, while answering questions from seekers, explains the subtle truths about Love, Joy, Placidity etc

What does it mean when we say our mind should expand? It means we should develop love. The love we have for ourself and for our close relations, we should have the same love for everybody in the world. When we love somebody, what delights us is not that person, but the love that is welling forth from within. We are delighted by the touch of that love within and not by the object outside. So, when we begin to love everyone, that love will not bind us, instead it will delight us. Our love must be unconditional, despite all condemnation and criticism, only then we become expansive.

Similarly, joy is a coordinate of our mind. We think we get joy from an object outside, but the truth is we experience joy because of calmness and expansion of our mind. When the mind becomes sorrowful after hearing bad news, the external object which was delighting us so far, fails to delight us anymore. When we work Selflessly, we expand. When we allow the mind to expand, we will experience Joy independent of external objects and situations.

Swamiji explains that Sukha and Dukha are like waves on the sea of Consciousness. We always focus on the wave of thought and get afflicted. Instead, we should identify with the Sea dimension. Suffering and depression comes from identification and attachment with the dukha. When we experience the dukha without attachment, it begins to enrich us. Then, each wave of sukha and dukha, will connect us and reinforce our identity with the Source!

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