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Q and A with Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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Q and A session with Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha during the “Global Bhagavad Gita Convention—2022” held from 19th to 21st of February.

This is an interesting interactive session of four young professionals Sampada Wakhlu (Sales Professional), Akshaya Nambiar (Management Professional), Kavita Seshan (Business Professional) and Hansika Sundaresan (Student) with Poojya Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha. This session took place in the Online “Global Bhagavad Gita Convention—2022, held from 19th to 21st February.

The young professionals seek guidance from Swamiji regarding questions which assail young minds across the globe. The questions raised are regarding their academic, professional and interactional lives.

Swamiji gives clear guidance and directions to all the questions raised. Through every reply he points out that, as human beings, we have infinite, interminable, inexhaustible resources within the body. He exhorts all the listeners, especially youth, to tap into these inner resources.
The questions raised by the young MC’s are:

1) We, young professionals, have been conditioned from a very young age to be ambitious and strive for material success. As such, we have an increased pull from the attraction of worldly objects. How do we manage this drive for success as we progress through our own spiritual quest?
2) Arjuna (the greatest warrior), in the battlefield, had to deal with crippling self-doubt. We call it as imposter syndrome. How do we know whether the doubts we have are legitimate areas of growth or us succumbing to fear?
3) In moments when emotions overwhelm us, how do we remember the lessons of Gita to overcome that state of mind? What are some practical tips and guidance that you can provide us?
4) Some people have faith in God and some others do not have. Both of them live and accomplish their tasks. The former attributes his success to God and the others attribute it to themselves. Swamiji, can you explain the difference between them?
5) How can I know what my Dharma is?
Swamiji’s answers give the listeners great clarity and one leaves with the understanding that all the troubles, confusions, stress and doubts are mind-born and the solution lies in one’s own intelligence. Thus, one has been endowed with the capability to solve every problem in life, since the problem and the solution are both within.
Jai Guru.

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