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3 – Interactive Satsang with Ma Gurupriya

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This talk is the third in a series of talks given by Ma Gurupriya during the Jnana Yajna at Malaysia on 12 Sep 2022.

In this Satsang, Ma discusses the essential qualities by which one can make the mind calm, pure and peaceful. Only when the mind is calm, one will be able to go forward in the path of self-realization.

Bhagavad Gita tells us about the qualities which a seeker must imbibe to make the mind peaceful. A seeker must constantly assess himself and find out whether he is cultivating the qualities of compassion, non-possessiveness, samatva, contentment, forbearance etc. and whether he is constantly connected to the Lord.

A seeker must see to it that he does not get unduly elated by favourable outcomes or unduly depressed by unfavourable results. He must not unduly grieve over situations or unduly desire things. One must fill the mind with unconditional, unflinching love and devotion for the Lord.

The seeker must remain connected to the supreme power in daily activities and perceive God in everything. One must take to the wholesome practice of thinking that one is pursuing all activities to please the Lord alone. The only prayer in the mind must be to have unswerving, steady devotion to the Lord/Self.

All scriptures exhort seekers to introspect and understand that all worldly enjoyments are transient. They advocate cultivation of dispassion to achieve fearlessness. A wise man does not rejoice in the perishable object enjoyments of the world. He prefers the constant embrace of the inmost Lord. Ma urges seekers to take to the sadhana of introspection and cultivation of noble qualities.

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