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1 – Interactive Satsang with Ma Gurupriya

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This talk is the first in a series of talks given by Ma Gurupriya during the Jnana Yajna at Malaysia on 03 Sep 2022.

In this interactive Satsang, participants engage in an informal and open discussion with Ma. The emphasis is on integrating spiritual teachings into everyday life and divinizing life. The transformative impact of spiritual talks and association with Swamiji is explored through participants' reflections. Participants express that due to the holy association with Swamiji, they have found strength, fulfilment, and positivity, and that their minds are filled with acceptance and gratitude.

Ma highlights the empowering effect of spiritual association, which is capable of filling the mind with divinity. The challenge, however, lies in preserving the divine feeling during daily activities. Unfulfilled expectations and desires take away the inner peace. But by a process of constant introspection one can identify and remove these hidden expectations and pave the way for calmness of mind.

Participants also share their struggles with getting affected by unpleasant interactions. As a Sadhana, Ma suggests chanting the mantra whenever possible and introspection, which can be used as tools to maintain a divine and stable mindset. Reading of Scriptures, listening to Spiritual talks, and introspection play a big role in filling the mind with divinity.

Ashtavakra Samhita declares that to achieve liberation from the shackles of the mind and intelligence, a seeker must relinquish attachment to worldly pleasures and cultivate qualities such as tolerance, straightforwardness, compassion, contentment, and truthfulness. Ma urges seekers to introspect and bring about a transformation and expansion in their own personality.

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