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177 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Devotional Felicity Through Contemplation

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Talk given by Ma Gurupriya ji during the 11th Sreeemad Bhagavata tattva Sameeksha Satram, at Namisharanyam, Parlikkad, Thrissur on 27 December 2012

In this talk, Ma enthralls the listeners with the narration of Akrura’s journey to Vrindavan. Kamsa plotted to invite Krishna and Balarama to Mathura and have them killed. He asked Akrura, one of his ministers, to go to Vrindavan as his messenger and bring Krishna and Balarama to Mathura.

Akrura had great devotion, reliance and faith in the Lord. Although aware of Kamsa’s evil intentions and his own mission of bringing little Krishna to Mathura, Akrura had full faith in the Lord and was not plagued by any uncertainty or fear. He was filled with wonder and joy at the prospect of meeting his Lord. Srimad Bhagavatam describes the beautiful state of mind of Akrura.
On his way, Akrura imagined the trees, bushes and the holy dust of Vrindavan which he thought were blessed by Krishna’s proximity and touch. He kept thinking about what he would do on meeting Krishna. His mind was filled with humility and was lost in delight at the prospect of the meeting his Lord.

Ma urges us to introspect on Akrura's one-pointed absorption and devotion and identify with him. All devotees must make a sincere and dedicated effort to always focus the mind on the Lord.

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