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175 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – Joy of Self Purification – 03

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This is the third in a series of three talks held during Delhi Jnana Yajna - 30 Nov 2023.

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In this Global Satsang, Ma speaks about the cultivation of purity. This may start with gaining noble qualities and removing undesirable ones. But gradually, a seeker must identify with the ‘I’, his real identity, which is the pinnacle of purity.

A Vishuddha Sattva (a wholesomely pure person) is graced by placidity, peace, contentment and exhilaration. For him the experience of the Self is there constantly, naturally and is all-enveloping. His life is led by the wholesome abidance in the Self, being soaked in the understanding that everything is the Self alone.

What is purity and how can one judge whether one is becoming pure or not? Purification means reduction and extinction of desires (worldly, secular and spiritual). There must be complete
disinterestedness towards enjoyment of pleasures or rewards. All desires will have to fall completely. One of the signs of purity is non-possessiveness. Possessiveness must gradually decline and finally become extinct.

With the dawning of purity, the ego must steadily decline. Ego is the strong notion about one’s separate identity with regard to anything. Any sense of doership with regard to any action done or to be done is ego. So, one must get rid of ego, possessiveness and desires. The aim must be to get enriched subjectively, through every action and interaction. Every interaction must produce a purifying and sublimating note in the mind. The mind should constantly watch its reactions and responses and remind itself to guard against undue elation or depression.

Ego elimination is most important for spiritual fulfilment. Ego is strengthened in the mind because of delusion and lack of introspection So, one must strive to get rid of the delusional ego and for that, a seeker must be watchful, self-examining and introspective.

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