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168 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – How to Overcome fear and grief by Devotion

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This is a talk is based on Srimad Bhagavatam during 22nd Sreemad Bhagavata Tattwa Sameeksha Satram, 27 Dec 2023.

In this devotionally-charged talk, through the message of Srimad Bhagavatam, Ma explains how one can overcome fear and grief.

Srimad Bhagavatam says that sincere and one-pointed devotion to Sri Hari will take away all fear. When one surrenders at the feet of the Supreme Lord, who is the essence of all embodied beings, one becomes fearless. The feeling of surrender comes naturally, when one understands and accepts that everything belongs to the creator. One is surrendered to the Lord, when one understands that He alone has given us the body, mind, intelligence, senses, all activities and also the capability to do all the work.

The mind becomes fearful when we have a divisional, fragmented outlook, when we think that there is a second entity. Fear comes when the mind has a sense of duality. This division takes us away from the Lord and we do not remember the oneness behind all the plurality. Only when there are two, we can see something different, experience something different, get angry with someone else or dislike something. But when everything is One alone, then what will we be fearful of? When this knowledge of the truth dawns in the intelligence, fear is dissolved.

Ma urges seekers to reduce the delusional clinging to one’s own family. A seeker must look upon his family and friends as co-travelers in the journey of life. He must live in his own house as if he is a guest there. He must perform all activities for the sake of the Lord, always remaining connected to the Lord and perceive the Lord everywhere in creation. When one recognizes that everything is the Lord alone, one becomes free of all Duhkha and fear.

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