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163 – Accepting and Transcending Conflicts – 02 by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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Session 2 of Vedanta Worskshop for Youth conducted during Malaysia Jnana Yajna 2023 at SIRD on 17 Sepetember 2023.

In this vibrant, interactive session with youth, Swamiji speaks about our inner resources. By understanding and harnessing these inner resources, one can lead a life of excellence and fulfillment. When one is endowed with spiritual knowledge, it enables one to overcome any obstacle in life.

In the day consisting of twenty-four hours, we are wakeful for sixteen hours. But the world and all experiences are wiped off in sleep. So, the whole world is dependent upon our wakefulness. Every day, we pass from wakefulness to sleep to dream. When one passes, the other state comes. So, what brings the three states one after the other? There must be a fourth factor which survives the three. This factor is the ‘I’. The ‘I’ is present in all the three states (that is the reason why we say ‘I slept’, ‘I dreamt’ etc). The ‘I’ transcends the three states; the ‘I’ does not depend upon them, it is independent.

Happiness and misery (Sukha and duhkha) are permanent features in one’s life. They are inevitable and they come and go. A man who has an unshakeable mind and a stable intelligence, one who is established in the Self, is not agitated by misery. He remains afloat over both happiness and misery. He is firm in the knowledge that in both sukha and duhkha, the ‘I’ is not involved. It remains the Witness.

In Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says that the senses are superior to objects of the world; the mind is superior to the senses; intelligence is still superior. Superior to the intelligence is the ‘I’. All interactions with the world are reduced to five by the senses. When the sensations trickle down to the mind level, they become two—Sukha and duhkha. They both also disappear in the source, in sleep. Swamiji exhorts the young minds to know their own inner dimensions and strengthen their own inner personality. He urges them to make the mind expansive & selfless and the intelligence introspective.

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