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162 – Accepting and Transcending Conflicts – 01 by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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Session 1 of Vedanta Worskshop for Youth conducted during Malaysia Jnana Yajna 2023 at SIRD on 17 Sepetember 2023.

What is conflict and where lies the solution to a conflict? Swamiji says that every conflict is mind-born and the intelligence can provide a solution for every crisis.

In the Mahabharata war, Arjuna was faced with the biggest conflict of his life, when he came face to face with the fact that he would have to fight and kill his beloved grandfather and respected teacher. By his message, Sri Krishna removed the grief, fear, doubt and delusion gripping the mind of Arjuna. It was a dialogue between an enlightened intelligence and a deluded mind.

After speaking about the ‘I’, the inner presence which is imperishable, eternal, Sri Krishna says that all interactions produce only two outcomes—happiness and unhappiness. One must not have a preference for happiness or a prejudice towards unhappiness. One must have a comprehensive and even attitude towards them. If one can be even towards sukha and duhkha, one can harmonize all world situations, interactions and outcomes.

Sri Rama came to know that a handful of his subjects had questioned his decision to accept his queen Sita, who had lived in Ravana’s palace. Rama was faced with a huge conflict—could he
bypass this aspersion or could he abandon his sinless wife. By weighing both options, Rama decided to abandon Sita. When she was taken to the forest, Sita was faced with a great conflict. She accepted the situation and proceeded to live a life of austerity. Similarly, when faced with the pregnant Sita at his Ashram, Sage Valmiki accepted her presence without any blame or complaint.

Swamiji urges seekers not to be shaken by any conflict. When faced with a crisis, one has to understand that one has a superior intelligence. By a process of introspection and effort, the
intelligence must lead the mind to a deeper dimension.

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