Ma Gurupriya

104 – by Swamini Ma Gurupriya – In Spirituality, Yearning Alone is Important

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How do the Mahatmas remain very calm and blissful while living and interacting with this world? What is the secret behind their unaffectedness? In this satsang, Ma points out the shortcomings which hinder our progress and shows us the right way.

Although we may know all philosophy, the fact is, the moment we start interacting with the world, our mind gets scattered in the thoughts of 'I' and 'Mine'. Instead of seeing oneness everywhere we see only differences. While it is the 'Atma Chinta', which can give us real joy, purity and blissfulness, we remain enslaved to thoughts about our near and dear ones and their wellbeing; we are unable to get out the cords of affection.

Ma says, the yearning to attain that lofty blissful state should be very strong in us, it is the deciding factor in our spiritual progress. While living in the midst of this world, our mind can always remain connected to the Supreme. Externally, performing all activities excellently, but internally staying aloof and unconcerned, anchored in knowledge of oneness of Self. Our mind certainly has the potential and skill to do this!

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