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086 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Voice of Upanishads

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In this satsang, Nutan Swamiji guides us on how to trace back from our apparent constricted identity and get established in our Real Identity.

Every day innumerable thoughts arise and subside in our mind. Instead of paying attention to the source of all these thoughts, our focus always remains glued to the thoughts and we fully identify with them. So, sometimes we say we are happy, sometimes sad, angry, loving etc. The I we 'know' and are 'used to', is dependent on circumstances and keeps changing. Swamiji says, it is not our Real Identity.

So how to get to the Real I? Swamiji beautifully explains how the thoughts are like waves on the surface of ocean. The waves have no independent existence apart from ocean. It is the ocean itself which manifests as the waves. If we can develop a wholesome identification with this Ocean of Consciousness, we will get our stable ground and life in this world will not bother us anymore. Nothing else changes, only our identity shifts to the Universal Consciousness!

One who embraces Atma (Universal Consciousness) in preference to everything else, 'bhogecha' falls and to him Atma reveals its Truth!

Swamiji will be discussing 'Voice of Upanishads'. The Global Satsang will be based on Kathopanishad and Mundakopanishad. | Live Satsangs with Spiritual Masters on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 8 pm IST/10:30 am EDT/ 10:30 pm MST.

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