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106 – by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha – Desirelessness – The Ultimate Sadhana

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In this satsang, Nutan Swamiji enlightens us that 'desire' is the biggest hurdle for seekers, on their path towards the ultimate spiritual goal.

As long as we continue to find something we like or dislike, getting or avoiding which, we will become happy, our inner state will remain depended on objects of the world. It is these desires, including the subtle ones, which does not allow us to be free and natural. It is the ultimate obstruction in attaining 'Jnana Prasada'. We have to keenly observe and find out what is taking us away from the anchorage on Truth.

Swamiji explains that only when we choose Atma, in preference to everything else in our life, Atma will reveal its truth to us. It takes tremendous courage to become Atma Nishta, by overcoming the weakness to go after many things. The source of strength for us is absolute desirelessness. When there is no desire in our heart, we become undefeatable!

For the one who realises the Truth, the world will continue to manifest with its infinite variety, but there will be a marked change in his vision. From then on, his life will flow naturally, like a river.

Swamiji will be discussing 'Voice of Upanishads'. The Global Satsang will be based on Kathopanishad and Mundakopanishad. | Live Satsangs with Spiritual Masters on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 8 pm IST/10:30 am EDT/ 10:30 pm MST.

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